About Us

This is the digital era that we live in and the mobile phone happens to be a basic necessity for individuals and businesses. In these advanced times, MGR is trying to keep up with the growing need for technological advancements. MGR is based out of Singapore and was founded back in 1993. The MGR establishment initially began its operations with money exchanges throughout Singapore and gradually opened up more businesses and became a well-known organization in Singapore. In 2013 MGR ventured into the manufacturing of Mobile Phone Accessories which includes everything that has anything to do with mobile phones. The wide range of accessories includes from hands-free to headphones, from protectors to pouches, from chargers to cases and from aux cables to memory cards and what not.

MGR has recently set foot in the Mobile phone distribution business and has become one of the biggest mobile phone distributors across Singapore. MGR is already being recognized as a rival to other mobile phone distributors for its massive success over the past few years. This was only possible for the reasonable and competitive price that MGR offers to its valued customers.

MGR is known to have collaborated with the giants in the mobile phone industry. MGR is known as the official and authorized distributors in Singapore for several mobile phone companies which include some of the most famous brands from across the globe; namely, Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Redmi etc.

MGR is also known to have developed exceptional marketing strategies and a sound relationship not only with the well-known organization but with its valued customers as well and is known to provide excellent customer services.


70 Serangoon Road, Singapore 217975
Phone: 6635 7072  E-mail: mgrmobiles888@gmail.com